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Workers' Comp for Repetitive Motion Injuries in Ohio

When you think of a worker being injured on the job, you probably think of sudden traumatic events or accidents, but these aren’t the only types of workplace injuries. Workers who suffer from repetitive motion injuries that develop over time are also entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio.

Known as repetitive strain or repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), these injuries are common in the workplace and are caused by repetitively performing the same task on a regular basis. These tasks may include anything from working on an assembly line to repeatedly lifting heavy items to even typing on a keyboard.

If you’ve been unsuccessful in your fight to obtain workers’ compensation for your repetitive motion injury, you’ll need the help of an experienced Cincinnati workers’ comp lawyer like Mark L. Newman.

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What Are Repetitive Stress Injuries?

Awkward or forceful repeated body movements that happen over long periods of time cause multiple different types of repetitive stress injuries. RSIs may also be known as cumulative trauma disorders.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, RSIs are the fastest growing threat to health and safety in the workplace. Common injury locations include the hands, fingers, thumbs, wrists, shoulder joint, and elbows, but can also affect the neck, back, hips, knees, feet, legs, and ankles.

Most Common Types of Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries may affect several different body parts and often include tingling or numbness and reduced strength and flexibility.  Most repetitive stress injuries result in tendinitis or bursitis. These two disorders are difficult to differentiate and at times, may even coexist. RSIs can also include carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, trigger finger, tenosynovitis, and Ganglion cysts.

Causes of Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries result from repetitively performing a task that requires a certain motion, including overexertion, incorrect posture, muscle fatigue, and unnatural or awkward motions like twisting the wrist or arm. Microscopic tears in bodily tissues are the main culprit behind these injuries. Inflammation develops and painful sensations occur when the body can’t heal the tears quickly enough.

Who Is At Risk for Repetitive Stress Injury?

Any worker who performs activities that require repetitive movements of the same parts of the body, whole-body vibrations, difficult physical work, and strained or awkward positions can sustain a repetitive stress injury.

The standardized use of computers in the workplace is often blamed for the drastic increase in RSIs. This means that office workers who spend an extensive amount of time at a computer are at high risk, along with others performing any activity or job involving repetitive tasks. Hair stylists, tattoo artists, construction workers, seamstresses, assembly line workers, and welders are all examples of high-risk occupations for workers’ comp injuries like RSIs.

How Is an RSI Diagnosed?

In order to diagnose your injury, your physician will inquire about your job and whether you perform any repetitive motions throughout your typical day. You can also expect a physical examination where your range of motion is tested as well as your reflexes, strength in the affected area, discomfort level, and presence of any painful inflammation. Other tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or an EMG may also be used to diagnose a repetitive motion disorder.

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If you have developed an RSI that is directly related to your work activity, you are entitled to the appropriate types of workers’ compensation benefits.

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