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When you file a workers’ compensation claim, a representative of the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation will contact you and the employer to investigate the claim. The Ohio BWC will also request medical records from the medical providers who treated you for your injury. The Ohio BWC must issue a written decision allowing or denying your claim within 28 days and will mail you a copy of the written decision.

Cincinnati Workers’ Compensation Claims 

If your claim is allowed, the medical bills for your initial treatment will be paid and you may receive compensation for lost wages. However, future medical treatment and compensation may be denied. Mark L. Newman helps injured workers navigate the complicated workers’ compensation system and address the many issues that arise in a workers’ compensation claim. 

Workers’ Compensation Ohio Hearings

If your claim is denied you only have 14 days to file an appeal to request a hearing. It is important to contact an attorney to file an appeal in a timely manner and obtain the necessary medical information to present at the hearing before the Industrial Commission of Ohio.

An Industrial Commission hearing is informal and takes place before either a District Hearing Officer or a Staff Hearing Officer. A hearing is typically scheduled for 15 minutes but can last for up to 60 minutes depending on the issue. At the hearing, the injured worker will have an opportunity to testify about how the injury occurred. In addition, the worker will discuss his/her symptoms and present information about medical treatment for the injury. An experienced Cincinnati workers compensation attorney like Mark L. Newman can help you prepare to testify at your hearing. He will also obtain the necessary medical information to support your claim. Most importantly, he advocates for you before the Industrial Commission.

Appealing Workers’ Comp Decision

Mark has a high success rate in representing successful claims before the Ohio Industrial Commission. If the Industrial Commission denies your work injury claim, he can file an appeal into the court system to contest the Industrial Commission’s decision. When cases go to court, the process becomes more complex. In these situations, you will certainly need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. An Ohio State Bar Association certified workers’ compensation  specialist like Mark L. Newman will help you file the Notice of Appeal and navigate the court system. 

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