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Ohio Knee Injury Workers’ Comp Claim

Knee injuries can happen to anyone on any work site, and when they do, they can often be devastating. This is because an injury to the knee can impede a person’s ability to complete basic, everyday tasks such as walking, let alone their ability to perform their job. What’s more, a serious injury to the knee can potentially lead to an injured worker experiencing long-term knee problems. 

This is why it is important that those who experience a knee injury on the job (or any work-related injury, for that matter) file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation can help injured workers obtain financial relief for things like medical bills and lost wages while they recover. Unfortunately, some workers’ comp claims are contested and employees don’t receive the compensation and benefits they deserve. This is where an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer comes in. 

Attorney at Law Mark L. Newman is a dedicated workers’ comp lawyer in Cincinnati. He takes on workers’ compensation claims of all kinds, including those involving knee injuries that occur on the job. Allow him to use his vast legal resources and expertise to fight to obtain the benefits you need while you focus on recovering from your workplace injury.

Ohio Workers Comp Lawyer for Knee Injuries

Causes of Work-Related Knee Injuries

Workplace injuries occur in a variety of settings and due to any number of reasons. One wrong move and your knee joint could experience extensive damage, requiring potentially expensive medical treatment and time off work. Some of the more common causes of work-related knee injuries include slip and fall accidents, overexertion or repetitive stress injuries, twisting, prolonged standing or walking, and even work-related motor vehicle accidents.

Types of Knee Injuries

Whether you have a pre-existing condition that is aggravated by a workplace accident or sustain a new injury, injured workers can pursue workers’ compensation benefits for their knee injury that occurs in the course of and arising out of their employment.  Below are some of the common types of knee injuries that workers sustain on the job.

Knee Sprain

When the fibrous ligaments in and around the knee are overstretched or torn, a knee sprain can occur. In addition to being extremely painful and limiting movement, knee sprains can also lead to further complications over time, including arthritis.

ACL Tear

Many people have heard of the devastation a torn ACL can bring to an athlete, but it can also be devastating for a worker. This type of injury affects the anterior cruciate ligament, which connects your thigh bone to your shinbone. This ligament provides stability to the knee joint, and as you might imagine, a tear or sprain can prevent you from putting any weight on the affected leg. This type of injury can cause significant disability and prevent you from performing your job.

MCL Tear

As far as ligament tears go, the ACL is usually the one that is more familiar to the general public. However, an MCL or medial collateral ligament tear, is actually the most common knee ligament injury and can prove just as debilitating. Both MCL and ACL tears may require surgery to repair before an injured worker can return to work.

Meniscus Tear

Another extremely common knee injury is a meniscus tear. Injuries to the medial meniscus (inner side of knee joint) and lateral meniscus (outside of the knee joint) can result from forceful twists or rotation of the knees and may leave a worker unable to perform their job. A meniscus tear is often treated with physical therapy and may require surgery.

Patellar Tendonitis

Tendonitis is a common injury that can occur in any of the tendons. It is caused by inflammation and usually presents itself as an aching pain that worsens when the affected tendon is moved. This can greatly affect an injured worker’s range of motion.

Fractured Patella

Though incredibly rare, a fractured patella can be the result of a workplace accident. This injury occurs when the bone in your kneecap fractures or breaks, typically due to a harsh blow or fall. A patella fracture is often incredibly painful and requires a long period of recovery.


There are several different types of arthritis and many different parts of the body that can be affected. The more common types of arthritis found in the knee include osteoarthritis,  and post-traumatic arthritis. Osteoarthritis is typically caused by everyday wear and tear and can worsen over time. Post-traumatic arthritis occurs following a trauma, such as a fall at work.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation for Knee Injury at Work

An injured employee who files an Ohio workers’ comp claim will be met with a different claims process than they would in several other states. Where most states require employers to purchase private insurance, workers’ comp claims in our state are filed through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. In Ohio, injured workers are entitled to workers’ comp benefits to pay lost wages and medical bills related to the work injury.

There are different types of workers’ comp benefits that an individual may receive depending on the extent of their injuries. These include:

Filing a Claim

Once a workplace injury claim is filed, a representative of the Ohio BWC will contact the injured worker and their employer to investigate the claim, which will include obtaining medical records from your treating physician. Following their investigation, the BWC will issue a decision either allowing or denying your workers’ comp claim and will mail you a copy of the written decision within 28 days.

If your claim is approved, the medical bills for your initial treatment will be paid and you may receive the appropriate compensation, However, future medical expenses must be applied for and authorized by the managed care organization.

Appealing a Claim

If your workers’ comp claim is denied, you have 14 days to file an appeal to request a hearing. It is important to contact an attorney to file an appeal in a timely manner and obtain the necessary medical information to present at the hearing before the Industrial Commission of Ohio. An experienced Cincinnati workers’ comp attorney like Mark L. Newman can also help you prepare to testify at your hearing while helping you build a solid case.

Average Workers’ Comp Settlements for Knee Injury

Many workers who obtain the help of a workers’ comp attorney following a knee injury ask right away what the average knee injury settlement is. However, what they don’t know is that workers’ compensation settlements are not always the best route to take. Whether it is in your best interest to settle your claim depends on several factors. Generally, it is best to wait until you receive medical treatment and return to work before accepting a workers’ comp settlement offer.

Every workers’ compensation case is different, so it is important to contact an experienced attorney like Mark L. Newman to advise you whether a lump sum settlement is in your best interest and to help you calculate the value of your claim.

Cincinnati Workers’ Comp Attorney Obtaining Compensation and Benefits for Work-Related Knee Injuries

If you seek legal advice regarding workers’ compensation settlements or if you need a dedicated advocate to guide you through the complexities of Ohio’s workers’ compensation system, call Mark L. Newman today. Mr. Newman has 33 years of experience helping clients in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas navigate the world of work-related injuries, and he can help you too.

If you suffered a knee injury on the job, allow Attorney at Law Mark L. Newman to ensure you have access to the benefits you need. Give him a call today at (513) 533-2009 or complete the online intake form found here to set up your initial consultation.

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